Nuru Gel Europe

NGel Nuru Massage Gel SPA


Unique massage gel, enriched with goji extract with the addition of the aphrodisiac scent of ylang-ylang.

Goji berries come from China, where they are a precious and valuable ingredient inlocal traditional medicine. They have been known as a magic herb for 3000 years.

These berries are the third richest source of vitamin C. Goji berry extract has become one of the most important and innovative ingredients in natural cosmetics. It protects the skin from the destructive effects of free radicals and strengthens the capacity to synthesize collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. Due to the abundance of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, itexhibits strong antioxidant properties, effectively combating free radicals, and slowing down the skin’s aging process.

Goji berries are called “happy berries” because they generate peace and a good mood, while increasing energy levels, vitality, and strength. They also protect the body from premature skin aging, while purifying the body, moisturising, and nourishing.

Although the red goji berries have a strong effect, they are very delicate. They are harvested without being touched, by being shaken down from the shrubs.

For maximum pleasure and increased sensations, NURU NGEL GEL SPA has been enriched with an aphrodisiac – ylang-ylang scent. This scent is beautiful and delicate, alleviating anxiety and giving feelings of love, trust, and peace, while at once stimulating creativity, intuition, and providing a strong erotic effect. It strengthens the body’s vital force and increases self-confidence.

NGel can be mixed with warm water:

NGel Classic   1 : 0,5 (gel : water)

NGel SPA   1 : 1 (gel : water)

NGel Premium   1 : 0,5 (gel : water)

Experience the most intense sensation that you ever had!

Nuru is an incredibly sensual and extremely erotic whole body massage for your partner, originating from the countries of the Orient.
The massage is performed using special gels. The outstanding consistency makes the body extremely smooth and slippery, and sharpens your senses.

The massage is performed on a prepared surface, for example a vinyl bed sheet, which prevents your sheets from getting wet and increases the slippery effect.
Before the start of sliding, pour some Nuru NGel onto your partner’s skin. As well as applying some gel to your body. Now you can begin a sensual body-to-body massage by sliding yourself backwards and forwards over your partner’s body.

To satisfy even the most discerning customers, there are three product lines on sale, in two different capacities each – 250ml and 1000ml.